• Sacramento, CA

Chris Barnum-Dann is leading the next Treehouse Dinner.

City Scout Magazine is continuing its tradition of hosting these dinners: "A Chef known for his fresh ingredients, beautiful platings, and spot-on flavors, Chris has been a fixture in Sacramento's Poverty Ridge neighborhood for some time." Kevin O'Connor (Chef Cobram Estate USA) will return to host, but this time it will be Chris' menu in the spotlight. 

Insider Info

They just might collaborate on a dish. 

Tickets are very LIMITED, and sold out fast last time.

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City Scout and Cobram Estate came together to introduce Treehouse Dinners. Served family-style, each dinner menu will be a surprise, to account for the variety of our talented local chefs. The main focus of this style of Pop-Up is the people, and reconnecting with our community. By inviting fellow Sacramento diners to dine together in a home, we want to create feelings of intimacy and hospitality.