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Join us for a very special evening!

We are thrilled to be pairing our food with these wonderful champagnes. We are especially excited to have owners Marie-Laure and Alexandre Kowal-Copinet joining us from Champagne, France.

Please call (916) 737-7699 for reservations


Brut, Blanc de Blancs
Cured Sturgeon, Chicharrón, Caviar, Green Stone Fruit, Ramp Aioli

Brut, Extra Quality
Carrots, Caraway, Grains of Paradise

Brut Nature, Blanc de Blancs
Roasted Monchong, Green Almond, Green Garlic, Mushroom

Brut, Blanc de Blancs 'Alexandrine'
Risotto, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Curado Manchego, Truffle 

Caractère Rosé
Roasted Duck Breast, Red Curry, Coconut, Turnip, Carrot

Geranium Intermezzo

Brut Millésime 'Monsieur Léonard' 2009
Mango-Chili Cheesecake, Smoked White Chocolate, Pink Peppercorn, Lime

175 per person (plus tax and gratuity)

For this special event, substitutions are politely declined.


Champagne Marie Copinet, located in the tiny village of Montgenost, is the culmination of the work of several generations of vignerons and, quite literally, has its roots in the remarkable soil of Champagne. Alexandre and Marie-Laure have adopted the greenest practices possible to preserve the environment and enhance the quality of their champagnes. There is no use of insecticides or herbicides, they have cut the use of other treatments by half and to increase microbial life in the soil Alexandre regularly ploughs the vineyards in much the same way as vignerons did in days gone by.

Thanks to these changes, and to the overall development of their viticulture, they have recently been granted Terra Vitis accreditation, an official recognition of their ecological credentials.