Chef Christopher Barnum-Dann and Chef Galen

What an incredibly fun day at brunch. This is Chef Galen that used to run the kitchen at Sons and Daughters. Staging there before I opened Localis is what got me excited to further my culinary career. When he walked in I didn't instantly recognize him and he did not recognize me. But after a couple of minutes we realized he had come to the restaurant without knowing I was the chef and owner there.

He told me that he had heard amazing things about the restaurant and wanted to check it out when he was up in Sacramento from the Bay Area. After the meal he stopped by and told me how extremely proud he was of what we had done at Localis.

That kind of random event is exactly why I do this for a living and why I put my family through hell to get where I'm at. I have so much more to learn and so much more to grow. Stuff like that makes me realize that it's all worth it.

After he left, the sous-chef Alex took over the reins of Sons and Daughters. I would still say it ranks up there with some of the best meals I have ever had and I highly suggest you make the trip to go check it out.