We had big fun—and so did our GUESTS!

Last Sunday, we partnered with Wilson Daniels to present the Arista Wine Dinner. The fun started well in advance as we got to know the intricacies of each wine and then identified the perfect combination of ingredients to highlight its characteristics. There is great joy in feeding people, and especially when the food we have prepared is made specifically to pair with a great wine!

Arista Winery owner Mark McWilliams and winemaker Matt Courtney were on hand to introduce dinner guests to their small-lot, site-driven wines. They helped everyone understand how each wine reflects the unique Russian River site from which it comes. Guests learned about the character of Arista's pinot noir wines from each of Arista's three "single vineyard" sites, a special treat as these are wines are seldom found together at one time. 

We changed things up at this wine dinner by offering two different plates for each of six wines—twelve courses in all. By the sixth course, we were greeted with applause. The night just got better and better, and the Localis team outdid itself.

Afterward, Chef received gracious notes from both Mark and Matt. Here's what Mark had to say about the event:

I said it last night and I’ll say it again: that [dinner] was one of the most thoughtfully prepared wine pairings I’ve ever enjoyed – and I’ve done a lot of these!  You clearly have a great palate and are able to coax out flavors in the wines and do something appropriate with them with your food. Matt and I were both extremely impressed.
— Mark McWilliams, Owner, Arista Wines

We couldn't be prouder. Thanks, Sacramento and our Arista dinner guests, for your support.